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Managing your portfolio doesn’t have to suck.

Massblock is a new app that helps users manage a portfolio of cryptocurrencies and digital assets. The average investor in digital currencies manages more than six different exchange accounts and a number of digital wallets*. That’s six different usernames and passwords. Six sets of balances and trade histories.

Massblock combines these separate accounts into one unified interface allowing our users to track and manage their entire portfolio from the one place. In addition, Massblock provides real-time market data, research and price alerts on over 1500 digital assets, keeping our users informed and in control whilst they are on the go.

In the near future, Massblock will be rolling out a new feature that allows users to place and execute trades on all their connected exchanges, delivering the unprecedented ability to trade across multiple exchanges from a single app.

Massblock is being developed in Cairns, Queensland, illustrating that innovation at the cutting edge of technology and finance is not only possible in the regions, but thriving.

The app was born out of a frustration with the lack of quality trading tools in the cryptocurrency space. A frustration shared by it’s co-founders: Ben August (a forex trader with a background in real-estate) and Jamie Baker (a software engineer with fifteen years experience in developing Internet-based products).

Massblock quietly launched to the community in early 2018 and is garnering both new users and stellar reviews every day.  With an official launch of the mobile trading functionality slated for Q3 2018, Massblock continues to gather momentum in the space — both here in Australia and overseas.


For media inquiries contact Ben August: [email protected]

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18/04/2018 – Massblock Soft Launch

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