Frequently Asked Questions

We wanted to make a quick article here to tackle our most frequently asked questions. If we’ve missed something, feel free to comment or reach out to us directly.

What is Massblock and why should I use it?

Massblock is a new mobile app that helps you track and manage your investments in digital currency. We provide a suite of intuitive tools that save you time and keep you informed.

How is this different from apps like Blockfolio?

Massblocks primary difference from similar apps is automation. With features like automatic balance synchronisation and dynamic position tracking, our focus is to get the tech out of the way and let you get on with trading. We think our app looks pretty sweet doing it as well… 🙂

What kind of support is available if I need help?

We love to chat and are here to help! You can reach out on social media, or email us directly at [email protected]. Additionally, you can also get help from within the app using the Support Centre.

I don’t know how I feel about entering my API keys. Is it safe?

Security is our top priority, just as it is yours. Your API keys are stored securely on your device, we can’t see them and we don’t need or want to. Requests are signed on the device and then transmitted directly to exchanges, similar to how handles things in the browser. Additionally, you should always only enable the minimum necessary permissions for keys when creating them on the exchange.

Who has access to my data?

Massblock uses anonymous user accounts by default so any user data can’t be tied to any one user directly. We use random strings of characters to represent users and devices which allows us to make the app work and track analytics without compromising your privacy.

How much will Massblock cost to use?

While Massblock will initially be free to use, we will obviously need to find a way to feed our developers and keep our servers running. We hope to work with the community to find a revenue model that suits all of us and welcome your feedback in this regard.