About Us

Massblock was born out of an idea to tackle the experience of trading and managing crypto investments on the go.  We want to make a product that is smart, yet simple and intuitive. A product that puts the user at the centre of the experience.

When we started this project back in early 2017, we really didn’t have any idea where it would lead.  The idea for our app came about from conversations between myself and co-founder Ben — a forex trader dabbling in crypto — around our shared difficulties with the existing software and tools in the space.

The Massblock Team 2018

Masssblock is based in tropical North Queensland, Australia. It’s sun, sand and seriously good views — a great part of the world to live and work in.

There’s no such thing as an average day for us, as I’m sure anyone who has spent time working in a startup can attest to. Our time is spent bouncing between writing code, designing concepts, chatting with investors, and authoring blog posts like this.

You can follow us on socials to stay up to date, we’d love to hear from you! You can find us on Twitter and Facebook, lurking on Reddit or by emailing us directly at [email protected].

Thanks for all your support to date, and we look forward to continuing to grow this product together.